A-100 Vintage Rotary Knob
1.900 Ft 1.900 Ft 1900.0 HUF
Vintage knob for 6mm notched potentiometer shafts
56.900 Ft 56.900 Ft 56900.0 HUF
Possible to run a small Eurorack setup using a portable USB power bank
Industrial Music Electronics
Piston FW Programmer
13.200 Ft 13.200 Ft 13200.0 HUF
The Harvestman Programmer is used as an interface between the PicKit2 and the module or the ROM chips.
Készleten, azonnal átvehető, szállítható.
4ms Pedals
Row Power 25
38.900 Ft 38.900 Ft 38900.0 HUF
Clean, regulated, and protected power supply module for Eurorack systems
4ms Pedals
Row Power 35
56.900 Ft 56.900 Ft 56900.0 HUF
Clean, regulated, and protected power solution for eurorack systems
4ms Pedals
Row Power 40
60.900 Ft 60.900 Ft 60900.0 HUF
Row Power 40 provides 40W of power
Valhalla DSP
Valhalla Shimmer Reverb (Z-DSP card)
25.900 Ft 25.900 Ft 25900.0 HUF
Shimmer cartridge has 8 original algorithms, designed to combine lush reverberation with multiple voices of pitch shifting