Shuttle System
856.900 Ft 856.900 Ft 856900.0 HUF
Unique performance instrument containing 5 Eurorack modules in one single 84hp faceplate
Synthesis Technology
E370 Quad Morphing VCO Silver
463.900 Ft 463.900 Ft 463900.0 HUF
Quad Morphing VCO
Synthesis Technology
E370 Quad Morphing VCO Black
461.900 Ft 461.900 Ft 461900.0 HUF
Quad Morphing VCO
377.900 Ft 377.900 Ft 377900.0 HUF
Three independent quantizer channels, a four-note chord generator, an arpeggiator and a complex progression sequencer in on
Frap Tools
FUMANA Dual FilterBank
359.900 Ft 359.900 Ft 359900.0 HUF
All-analog dual filter bank with various control to access dynamically these bands
Bark Filter
318.900 Ft 318.900 Ft 318900.0 HUF
12 band fixed filter bank
Rossum Electro-Music
318.000 Ft 318.000 Ft 318000.0 HUF
Multi-Timbral Phase Modulation Sampler
Touchplate Keyboard
309.900 Ft 309.900 Ft 309900.0 HUF
In the great tradition of West Coast synthesis, the Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard is a gold plated controller with 3 independent sections for sending control voltage signals
Curves Filterbank
276.900 Ft 276.900 Ft 276900.0 HUF
Analog filter bank with 12 bands
Analogue Solutions
Generator Eurorack
273.900 Ft 273.900 Ft 273900.0 HUF
Generator is a highly versatile multi channel analogue step sequencer
Frap Tools
USTA Sequencer
269.900 Ft 269.900 Ft 269900.0 HUF
4×4 tracks sequencer for voltages and gates
258.900 Ft 258.900 Ft 258900.0 HUF
Teljes értékű félmoduláris szintetizátor teljesen átpatchelhető modulokkal!
TipTop Audio
One Four Pack
255.900 Ft 255.900 Ft 255900.0 HUF
Digital Audio Flux
Harmonic Oscillator
252.900 Ft 252.900 Ft 252900.0 HUF
This oscillator module provides outputs for the first 8 harmonics as sine waves. Also included are triangle, saw, square waves.
Furthrrrr Generator Dual VCO
247.900 Ft 247.900 Ft 247900.0 HUF
Complex completely analog oscillator inspired by the Buchla 259.
Erica Synths
Drum Sequencer
240.300 Ft 240.300 Ft 240300.0 HUF
16 track drumsequencer
Performance Mixer (updated version)
240.000 Ft 240.000 Ft 240000.0 HUF
8 channel audio mixer
1010 Music
235.900 Ft 235.900 Ft 235900.0 HUF
Polyphonic Synthesizer Module
Dual Prismatic Oscillator (DPO)
235.900 Ft 235.900 Ft 235900.0 HUF
Duál analóg oszcillátor belső FM busszal. Az egyik kedvencünk!
4ms Pedals
Spherical Wavetable Navigator
234.900 Ft 234.900 Ft 234900.0 HUF
Six wavetable oscillators with independent pitch, level, and waveform controls
Industrial Music Electronics
Stillson Hammer mkII
234.900 Ft 234.900 Ft 234900.0 HUF
4-track control voltage sequencer for realtime music performance
Grand Terminal
233.900 Ft 233.900 Ft 233900.0 HUF
Digital multipurpose module for ambitious sound designers
Mini Horse Touch Controller
232.900 Ft 232.900 Ft 232900.0 HUF
Multi-dimensional touch controller
Multi-Delay Processor
230.900 Ft 230.900 Ft 230900.0 HUF
Creatively usable echo effect with eight taps