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    1.619.900 Ft 1.619.900 Ft 1619900.0 HUF

    1.619.900 Ft

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    The super rare rack version can be yours now.

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    Many says the EIII was the best sounding sampler in history.  And this is the super rare RACK version. For a start, the EIII will play back samples in pristine quality, which is a must for any modern instrument. No vintage 12 bit and stuff, but upfront high end 16 bit / 44.1kHz. Alone it is bigger than life. But then there are the filters. This instrument has probably the best filters. It can transform any sound into anything else and this is what makes an instrument extremely creative - and different too.

    Apart from the stunning quality CD sample library, there's the magic: sample your waveforms from your analogue synth. Add the filters to it, and voila: you have a polyphonic version of your original monosynth but with better filters! Ever wondered why the Oberheim and Jupiter strings sounds so cool from this instrument? Why a Minimoog bass actually sounds more predictable and focused (many would say "better") than the original instrument? You have the answer.

    Technically the EIII is a brute force-driven architecture: each of its 16 voices are actually separate circuits with their own converters, analogue filters and VCA. Then the 16 channels summed together in the analogue domain. Can you believe there's a digital instrument there that can not be run out of headroom? The EIII is the one. 

    Now the dark side: although the sound is fantastic, the EIII is a studio instrument and one of the most sensitive piece of equipment. Introduced in 1987, deleted in 1990. About 1500 units manufactured, and only 100 rack versions, which is the one for the studio!

    • Memory is maxed out. It is 8MB.
    • The LCD is new. The original EL LCD replaced by a brand new ice-blue LED LCD.  
    • Switches are new. All buttons work 100%.
    • The unit is calibrated and tested.  
    • Floppy checks out fine

    And there's more!

    • The internal fans were replaced for the quietest ones we could find out there
    • The internal hard drive was replaced with a SCSI-CF adapter with an internal 16GB CF card. Fast, reliable, and dead silent

    EIII's were super noisy, and they have been very annoying in a studio environment. Not this one!

    The pictures are about the actual unit we offer on sale:

    Specifikáció: EIII Rack (8MB) - Used

    Csatlakozó MIDI
    Szintézis típusa Sample (Cserélhető)
    Kapcsoló pedál bemenetek 2
    Busz tápról működés Nem, beépített tápegyésge van.
    Expression pedál bementek Nincs
    Polifónia 32
    Multitimbralitás 16 part
    Méretek n/a

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