Emulator II+ HD - Used

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An original EII+ HD sampler.


The Emulator II+ HD is one of the most sought after vintage samplers. 8 bit, low sample rate. It was unique in every way: in those days the memory was insanely big, the internal hard drive with over 10 times faster than the floppy was more of the world of sci-fi.


  • This unit works and calibrated 100%
  • The HDD is flawless
  • There's now a LED LCD. Bright, sharp, crisp
  • The PSU is a modern design
  • The floppy is new

This unit will be shipped in a custom flight case (in the process of making)

Should you want to silence it completely or just dont trust the internal MFM HDD? Ask for a quote and get a DREM inside!

The pictures are about the actual unit we offer on sale:

(please note that a few pictures show scratches on the drive bay and one does not. That's not Photoshop: we have used a good to touch paint up during the photo session and it turned out to work fine)


Specifikáció: Emulator II+ HD - Used

Csatlakozó MIDI
Szintézis típusa Sample (Cserélhető)
Busz tápról működés Nem, beépített tápegyésge van.
Expression pedál bementek Nincs
Billentyűk száma 61
Billentyűk mérete Teljes
Polifónia 8
Multitimbralitás 8 part
Méretek n/a

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