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    Quad programmable envelope generator

    The Quadigy is a complex envelope generator focused on live play.
    The goal is to allow the user setting up rich, interactive and dynamically evolving envelopes without the risk of breaking up a subtle and intricate patch once on stage.
    This is achieved by offering two main modes, one where full control is available and a Live mode where only the settings that are sensible using on stage are accessible.
    The user interface offers an intuitive access for otherwise complex settings.
    Advanced features such as automatic time-stretching, multiphase clocking and full morphing put the Quadigy in a category on its own.

    Features at a glance

    • Quad 7-stage envelopes
      > Pre-delay
      > Hold
      > Attack
      > Punch
      > Decay
      > Sustain
      > Release
    • Continuous curve shape setting
    • Inversion
    • Independent output level
    • Cycle capability with auto fit-to-clock
      > Elastic time stretching
      > 5 internal clocks with tap tempo
      > External clock control
      > Multiply/divide and offset
      > Individual cycle ext. control
    • 32 presets with naming
    • External preset control via CV/Trig
    • Simultaneous 156-point CV matrix
    • Morphing on presets and CV Matrix
    • Multi-editing for polyphonic uses
    • Live mode for easier/safer control
    • Graphical display
    • Real-time envelope stages LED indication
    • Current state retained over power cycle
    • Easy firmware update via an audio file
    • Skiff-friendly and compact module

    Specifikáció: Quadigy

    Megvalósított funkciók CV source
    Eurorack Igen

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