ML-2 Microphone Single Unit

Termékkód: SDVRSML2
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    52.900 Ft 52.900 Ft 52900.0 HUF

    52.900 Ft

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    Kismembrános kondenzátor modellező mikrofon


    Make It Sound like Any Classic Mic You Want

    As part of Slate Digital's Virtual Microphone System, the ML-2 small-diaphragm modeling microphone is your gateway to the sound of legendary microphones used on classic recordings. This ultra-linear, sonically neutral microphone captures even the loudest sound sources with clinical precision — the perfect blank canvas to use with Slate Digital's microphone emulations. Its compact size allows you to place the Slate Digital ML-2 in tighter spots than you can with their ML-1 large-diaphragm mic, but gives you the same sonic flexibility during tracking and mixdown when used with a Slate Digital VMS-One mic preamp.

    Built-in mod switch allows you to record loud sources with zero distortion

    Recording engineers at Sweetwater know most small-diaphragm mics will audibly distort in front of loud sound sources, but the Slate Digital ML-2 modeling mic has a built-in modification to get around that reality of physics. Flipping the switch simultaneously pads the input circuit as well as re-polarizes the capsule. This gives you the additional headroom you need to record louder sources like close-miked drums without distortion. 

    Combine with Slate Digital's VMS-One mic preamp for unlimited sonic options

    The Slate Digital ML-2 modeling mic is designed to be the perfect match for VMS-One mic preamps. This delivers a coloration-free signal that, when routed through Slate's VMS microphone/preamp modeling software, gives you a staggering selection of microphone models ranging from coveted tube classics (the FG-47 and FG-251) to a modern ultra-fidelity condenser (the FG-800). Slate's Virtual Preamp Collection includes the FG-73, modeled after a legendary British discrete solid-state console preamp; and the FG76, modeled after a classic vintage tube pre.

    Slate Digital ML-2 Small-diaphragm Modeling Microphone Features:

    • Ultra-linear, sonically neutral condenser microphone
    • Combine with Slate Digital VMS-One mic preamplifier and mic/preamp modeling software
    • Pad switch also repolarizes the mic capsule, greatly enhancing headroom for loud sound sources
    • Compact design fits in tight spaces such as over toms and inside pianos
    • Gives you more control over your recorded sounds during mixdown

    Specifikáció: ML-2 Microphone Single Unit

    Csatlakozó XLR
    Iránykarakterisztika Kardioid
    Mikrofon típusa Kismembrános kondenzátor

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