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    An all-in-one sound factory, eurorack analog modular synthesizer


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    An all-in-one sound factory, our MODULÖR114 eurorack analog modular synthesizer is our first product designed as a complete and powerful unit. 
A great entry ticket to the modular world for someone, a treasure trove of sounds for others, the MODULÖR114 encloses the most sought-after analog textures and the modern additions that renders this product unique.

    The MODULÖR114 shows its lineage with its raw, organic and sometimes uneducated analog sonic character. The heart of the modular synthesizer is a full set of analog blocks that allows the musician to be inspired and experiment with a real, no compromise machine. More than twentyfive freely patchable analog modules lets you deep dive into the world of synthesis with the added bonus of the many other characteristics of the MODULÖR114.

    A modern all-in-one modular machine like the MODULÖR114, gives no compromises on the side of connectivity. We implemented many advanced features that will benefit any kind of user from their presence. The integral USB MIDI to CV interface sports many functions that are yet to be found on the majority of similar eurorack modules. Apart from the classic pitch and gate signals we derive a 16th clock, the modwheel amount to CV and, finally, Parameter Change control over two CV, an attenuator and a slew controller. The possibilities are wide.
A great addition is the USB HOST capability of the MODULÖR114: By selecting the HOST interface you can plug in a usb midi keyboard or control surface and have your synth working without a supporting pc!
Last but not least, MODULÖR114 is made to be a slim, portable unit and it can be powered also by the USB port or a standard power bank!!

    The MODULÖR114 includes a couple of hard-to-find functions in many competitor’s machines: a ribbon controller and an internal quantizer. Those two functions, together or not, make for a great deal of playability in a modular synth environment and sets a new standard in self-contained machines.

    Orthodox things give us the hitch. We are all for contamination, infection and cross breeding, so we put a good deal of digital stuff into our analog machine: A complete fx unit based on a 24bit DSP is available to either enrich the sound or properly shape it with delays, chorus and reverbs, all controllable with CVs and tap-tempo inputs. On the rightmost part of the synth you can also find a plethora of simple yet effective digital blocks, like logic gates, clock dividers and trigger buttons. From rhythmic duties to digital ringmods… the choice is only yours!

    We designed the MODULÖR114 as a perfect entry door to the eurorack modular world by putting together a great assortment of modules with the added functionalities of digital fx and advanced connectivity.

    As the icing on the cake we implemented a hidden monosynth that you can recall at the touch of a button! This innovative capability matches perfectly with one of the potential uses of the MODULÖR114 synth, the classic lead and bass monophonic synthesizer. All the red labeled jacks will be connected together in the classic signal flow. Without using patchcords you can start playing just by plugging a usb keyboard in!

    Specifications for Modulör114

    Szintézis típusa Szubtraktív
    Monofón / Polifón Monofón / Parafón
    Analóg / Digitális Analóg

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