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    Voltage Utility

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    Steady State Fate is pleased to announce GND CTRL (Ground Control), a unique and compact utility for your modular system. This device is especially suited for small systems where space is at a premium. GND CTRL will greatly enhance the compatibility of the diverse modular devices found in the euro rack format. GND CTRL features seven gain presets for bridging a wide range of signal and control voltages for audio and video modular systems. A unique and dispensable tool for manipulating signals. GND CTRL provides these commonly used utility functions: Attenuator, Inverter, Multiple, full scale DC Bias and Bipolar Clipping Indicator. GND CTRL features is a dual mode OLED Voltage Meter that samples the processed signals or external signals nondestructively. The voltmeter displays bipolar signals using an analog needle emulation display mode or as maximum and minimum floating point numbers. The voltmeter is normaled to the CV processor for instantly displaying changes made by the internal processor. A dedicated voltmeter input is also available for non-destructive voltage metering. GND CTRL is the universal utility!

    Specifikáció: GNDCTRL

    Megvalósított funkciók Utility
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