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Zeus Studio Bus

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    60.900 Ft 60.900 Ft 60900.0 HUF

    60.900 Ft

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    The ZEUS power system for modular synthesizers was developed to bring the advantages of today’s modern power technology to the modular synthesizer.


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    The Zeus Studio Bus is the next generation of Zeus power technology and was designed to provide outstanding performance by combining the best of both worlds: the convenience of switch mode power technology and the robust regulation of linear power technology. The result is a power system that will feed your modules with strong and clean power for studio grade sound quality. As eurorack keeps growing more and more new manufacturers start offering modules and the challenge for providing a power system that is one solution to all had to be addressed with the best of power technology known to us; the Zeus Studio Bus was developed as the second generation of Zeus power to keep up with this reality, minimizing power problems such as bleed-through, ground noise, excessive power draw by modules and other problems known to us. When you look at the Zeus Studio Bus, it is easy to see the many components mounted on the board; all this circuitry is there to give quality power second to none.

    In addition to the above advantages, the Zeus Studio Bus was also designed to allow new and more powerful modules to be developed, leading a path into the future
    of the upcoming Tiptop Audio modules and systems. 

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