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Station 252HP Folding Case - Silver Bullet

Termékkód: TTA-252HPS
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    657.900 Ft 657.900 Ft 657900.0 HUF

    657.900 Ft

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    High quality aluminium case from TipTop Audio

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    It´s a folding aluminium case from TipTop Audio which gives you three rows of 84HP module space for Eurorack modules. The power distribution is TipTop Audio´s own powerful Zeus Studio Bus system. A high-quality external brick type power supply from Cincon is included!

    Due to the flat construction of the case the maximum module depth is limited to 46mm but on the other hand the case is small enough to be taken as hand luggage and to be put safely in the overhead locker in an airplane! Perfect transportable case - except when it´s rainy.

    Power distribution for +12V, -12V and +5V: three Zeus Studio Bus boards for a total of 7200mA.

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