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Cincon-TTA Universal Power Supply

Termékkód: TTA-CINCON
Mennyiségi egység: db

    23.900 Ft 23.900 Ft 23900.0 HUF

    23.900 Ft

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    Kosárba Gyorsvásárlás

    They have been recommendened by TipTop Audio for using in their Zeus power distribution system.

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    To meet the challenge of designing a power system that can deal with the  growing demands of Eurorack synthesizer format, we had to look at every  single point in the system and find ways to increase performance. One of  the main components in the system is the external power supply and in  collaboration with Cincon Taiwan, a leader in switch mode power supplies,  we have created a customized power supply that achieves the best possible  performance for audio use. 

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