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Z-5000 White

Termékkód: TTA-Z5000W
Mennyiségi egység: db

    67.900 Ft 67.900 Ft 67900.0 HUF

    67.900 Ft

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    Kosárba Gyorsvásárlás

    Compact stereo 8HP multi effect


    Back in 2008, the original Z5000 was not only the world’s first Eurorack DSP effects module but also the first Tiptop Audio module released. It brought voltage controlled digital effects to Eurorack for the first time and the Z5000 was eventually replaced by the Z-DSP open source platform. Now, years later with over a decade of experience developing audio effects for Eurorack signals we are introducing a totally new version of the Z5000: a compact stereo 8HP multi effect with voltage controlled parameters, VC analog clock generator driving the DSP chip and 24 of our creme de la creme reverbs, delays, modulation, harmonization and pitch modulated effects. A number of programs in the Z5000 combine more than one effect, in series or parallel, that represent studio techniques from the early days till modern times often leaning toward the more experimental side.

    Specifikáció: Z-5000 White

    Szélesség (HP-ben) 8

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