Van Damme

Blue Series Studio Grade hangfalkábel 2x2,5mm

Termékkód: 268-525-060
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    2.600 Ft 2.600 Ft 2600.0 HUF

    2.600 Ft

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    Blue Series Stúdió szintű hangfalkábel. 2 x 2,5mm


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    Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Speaker Cable caters not only for the recording studio environment but also for the rehearsal studio, live and presentation markets. All are twin-axial types and range from 0.75mm conductors for 100V line through to 6.00mm conductors for long runs of low impedance speaker signals.


    • Critical studio monitoring
    • Guitar amplifier to speaker leads
    • Installations where low smoke zero halogen is not a requirement

    Application notes

    • Conductors use fine stranding for ultimate flexibility
    • Reduced OD 2 x 2.5mm will fit XLR connectors and mono jacks • Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity 

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