Monolith Keyboard (modulok nélkül)

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    Eurorack modular synthesizer case with keyboard

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    The Monolith is a Eurorack format modular synthesizer case with keyboard and pre-loaded SSF/WMD keyboard scanner interface and audio output modules.

    It consists of a rugged housing made of metal and wood, a 37-key keyboard with MIDI, aftertouch, Glide and Velocity.

    The Monolith contains following modules:

    • KeyScan: Keyboard scanner with octave switching. Brings keyboard and MIDI data to the front: Aftertouch, Velocity, Retrigger, Gate, 2x outputs each for 1V/oct with and without Glide
    • LVLS: offers L+R inputs, L+R outputs with level control and controlable headphone amp. Connects to 1/4" main audio and headphone sockets on the rear.

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