SSM Expander

Termékkód: WMDSSMexp
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    Provides extended functionality of the SSM


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    The SSM Expand 8 HP module provides extended functionality of the SSM.

    • Gate/Trig: Gate (Green LED lit) provides 10V outputs for each routing button. It mirrors the routing shown by the SSM LEDs. Trig mode (Red LED lit) will output a trigger when a step (CV, Step/Gate or Reset) is taken. Pushing a routing button will not change the output thus providing synchronized triggers.
    • Trigger Length: CV and knob provide adjustable trigger length.
    • Retrig on Step: When on, gates and triggers will retrigger quickly when a step is taken. 
    • Invert Behavior: When on, routings that are OFF will produce ON triggers or Gates. 
    • DAC3/4: Two 4 bit DAC outputs that output a weighted 4 bit voltage between 0 and 5 volts. From routing columns 3 and 4. 
    • Step: Outputs a trigger for each step, reset or CV change that is made to the SSM.

    Installation: Connect the 20 pin ribbon cable to the GTExp header on the SSM, and the ToSSM connector on the Expand. Red Stripe Down.

    Specifications for SSM Expander

    Szélesség (HP-ben) 8
    Eurorack Igen

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