Erica Synths
Sample Drum
122.000 Ft 122.000 Ft 122000.0 HUF
WAV based sample drum module
Erica Synths
Black Sequencer
190.000 Ft 190.000 Ft 190000.0 HUF
4-track 64-step Sequencer with built in quantiser
Erica Synths
Drum Sequencer
240.300 Ft 240.300 Ft 240300.0 HUF
16 track drumsequencer
Erica Synths
Sequential Switch
40.600 Ft 40.600 Ft 40600.0 HUF
8-channel Sequential Switch
Erica Synths
Sequential Switch CV expander
32.400 Ft 32.400 Ft 32400.0 HUF
Expansion module for the Sequential Switch
Erica Synths
Midi to Trigger module
40.000 Ft 40.000 Ft 40000.0 HUF
Control your drum modules and trigger events on your modular from any MIDI sequencer!
Erica Synths
Fusion Ringmodulator V2
83.700 Ft 83.700 Ft 83700.0 HUF
Classic design ring modulator with germanium diode ring + vacuum tube to boost and shape audio and carrier signals.
Erica Synths
Fusion Mixer V2
84.700 Ft 84.700 Ft 84700.0 HUF
Two independent 3-input vacuum tube mixers
Erica Synths
Black Quad VCA
75.600 Ft 75.600 Ft 75600.0 HUF
Quad VCA
Erica Synths
Black Dual EG/LFO
74.600 Ft 74.600 Ft 74600.0 HUF
Two full ADSR EGs, two unique LFOs with plenty of features just in 10HP!
Erica Synths
Black HADSR Envelope Generator
47.900 Ft 47.900 Ft 47900.0 HUF
Feature-rich yet easily operated five stage envelope generator.
Erica Synths
Black EG CV Expander
21.900 Ft 21.900 Ft 21900.0 HUF
Control each parameter of Black HADSR EG with CV!
Erica Synths
Black Digital Noise
89.900 Ft 89.900 Ft 89900.0 HUF
unique noise module
Erica Synths
Black VC Clock
68.400 Ft 68.400 Ft 68400.0 HUF
Master clock module with bright segment LED display and advanced features.
Erica Synths
Black Mixer/Splitter
29.900 Ft 29.900 Ft 29900.0 HUF
1 to 4 splitter / 4 to 1 mixer
Erica Synths
Pico VCO
40.000 Ft 40.000 Ft 40000.0 HUF
VCO with 32 selected waves
Erica Synths
Pico VCF1
35.300 Ft 35.300 Ft 35300.0 HUF
Lowpass / Bandpass Filter with rare Russian OP-Amps
Erica Synths
Pico VCF3
33.300 Ft 33.300 Ft 33300.0 HUF
24dB/oct lowpass filter
Erica Synths
Pico EG
30.000 Ft 30.000 Ft 30000.0 HUF
AR/ASR linear or logarithmic envelope generator
Erica Synths
Pico Trigger
40.000 Ft 40.000 Ft 40000.0 HUF
16 step patterns of 4 triggers
Erica Synths
Pico Atten
10.500 Ft 10.500 Ft 10500.0 HUF
dual passive attenuator
Erica Synths
Pico CV Mixer
17.900 Ft 17.900 Ft 17900.0 HUF
3 channel DC coupled mixer
Erica Synths
Pico Drums
48.900 Ft 48.900 Ft 48900.0 HUF
Dual drum/sampler module with 72 samples, pitch, decay and volume control
Erica Synths
Pico SEQ
47.800 Ft 47.800 Ft 47800.0 HUF
16 step CV and Gate sequencer with pattern memory