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ES-7 (CV Input Expander)
32.900 Ft 32.900 Ft 32900.0 HUF
Két csatornás CV bővítő ES-6, ES-4 és ES-40 modulokhoz
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ES-40 (S/PDIF - CV Interface)
42.900 Ft 42.900 Ft 42900.0 HUF
Tetszőlegesen bővíthető S/PDIF - CV/Gate átalakító modul
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FHX-1 (Output Expander for FH1&FH2)
50.100 Ft 50.100 Ft 50100.0 HUF
FHX-1 is an expansion module for the FH-1 & FH2 'faderHost' USB MIDI Host
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158.900 Ft 158.900 Ft 158900.0 HUF
USB Audio / CV Interface
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Disting mk4
63.900 Ft 63.900 Ft 63900.0 HUF
Many-in-1 multifunction module
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ES-3 mk4
72.900 Ft 72.900 Ft 72900.0 HUF
Ultimate convenience in connection of a DAW directly to analogue synthesizers
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ES-5 mk3
43.900 Ft 43.900 Ft 43900.0 HUF
ES-5 is an expansion for ES-8 or ES-8 interface
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ES-6 mk2
54.900 Ft 54.900 Ft 54900.0 HUF
CV to ADAT Lightpipe interface for ES-3 (ADC)
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57.900 Ft 57.900 Ft 57900.0 HUF
Adding eight MIDI/DINsync outputs from one expansion header
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General CV
122.900 Ft 122.900 Ft 122900.0 HUF
midi/cv chord generator with arps, drums and more
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113.900 Ft 113.900 Ft 113900.0 HUF
FH-2 is simultaneously a USB MIDI host, a USB MIDI device and 5 pin MIDI
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FHX-8GT (Gate Expander)
34.900 Ft 34.900 Ft 34900.0 HUF
Adding 8 on/off outputs for use as gates, triggers, clocks etc.
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FHX-8CV (CV Expander)
53.900 Ft 53.900 Ft 53900.0 HUF
Adding eight CV outputs from one expansion
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MIDI Breakout
16.900 Ft 16.900 Ft 16900.0 HUF
DIN MIDI connectors for Disting mk4, General CV, FH-2
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ES-9 (USB Audio Interface)
212.900 Ft 212.900 Ft 212900.0 HUF
16-in/16-out USB audio interface, with DC-coupled inputs and outputs
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Disting Ex
128.900 Ft 128.900 Ft 128900.0 HUF
Multi-Function Module
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24.900 Ft 24.900 Ft 24900.0 HUF
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Little Mikey
23.900 Ft 23.900 Ft 23900.0 HUF