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Termékkód: HM16
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    Dual modulation aid with multiple modes

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    Dual modulation aid with multiple modes.

    Kermit is a dual modulator with multi-purpose CV inputs and several different operating modes. Optimized for LFO duties, each half of Kermit offers control over amplitude (like a digital VCA), frequency, or waveshape (smoothly morphing over 16 waves). A dedicated 1v/octave CV input is available for precise frequency generation. A bonus "tap tempo" mode is available where this input accepts gate signals, where the oscillator will loosely imitate the input frequency with adjustable multiplication or division. The module can operate at audio rates for use as a utility oscillator.

    Two sets of outputs are provided to correctly modulate both analog and digital circuits (such as the special 0-5V inputs available on Harvestman modules). The bipolar output is nominally 10v peak-peak. The unipolar output goes from 0 to 5 volts. The amplitude control correctly affects each style of output. The output of each oscillator is normaled to the CV input of the opposite unit, allowing patchcord-free chaotic modulation with several different modulation destinations available.

    The basic waveforms are of high resolution for better performance at very low frequencies.

    Specifikáció: Kermit

    Megvalósított funkciók CV source
    Szélesség (HP-ben) 10
    Eurorack Igen

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