Termékkód: INSTRtraigh
Mennyiségi egység: db

    79.900 Ft 79.900 Ft 79900.0 HUF

    79.900 Ft

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    Kosárba Gyorsvásárlás

    Classic transistor ladder low pass filter. (24dB/octave)

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    Tràigh is a classic transistor ladder low pass filter. (24dB/octave)

    Derived from classic East coast designs, the Tràigh is suited for creating fat, warm subtractive voices. With its built in 3 channel mixer, the design is optimised for summing multiple audio signals and softening them into a a single warm, comforting bed of sound.

    Nothing quite beats the comforting sound of multiple rich sawtooths softened by a warm, squelchy filter!

    The Tràigh is based on classic discrete circuit designs pioneered by Moog in the 70s. The only op-amps are used at the mixer summing stage and for buffering the output signal. Everything else is transistors and fat caps.

    Specifikáció: Tràigh

    Megvalósított funkciók VCF, Mixer
    Szélesség (HP-ben) 16
    Eurorack Igen

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