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Beads (Utolsó akciós példány)

Termékkód: MUTbeads-B
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    Texture synthesizer

    Realtime granular processor with built-in CV-controlled random modulations.

    A reinvention of Mutable Instruments Clouds, with hardware and software redesigned from the ground up, free of modes and bloat.

    Audio acquisition

    • Stereo I/O with automatic level detection.

    • Manual override of the level detection.

    • Automatic mono/stereo switching through patch cable detection.

    • Recording time: 4s (48kHz 16-bit, stereo) to 32s (24kHz µ-law, mono).

    • Four quality modes, with different tone and reverb characters:

    • 48kHz 16-bit

    • 32kHz 12-bit with Clouds emulation

    • 24kHz 12-bit with a hi-fi dry signal path

    • 24kHz µ-law with cassette emulation

    • The FREEZE button and the gate input freezes the content of the recording buffer, allowing you to dive into its sonic details.

    • Auto-saving of the FREEZE buffer.

    • Granular synthesis

    Three grain generation modes:

    • Latched (continuous), with a periodic or randomized rate, tracking V/O.

    • Gated, with bursts of grains triggered by the press of the SEED button or an external gate.

    • Clocked, with randomization or division of an external clock or trigger signal.

    • Four grain parameters:

    • TIME. Temporal position within the buffer.
    • SIZE. Grain duration from 0.03 to 4 seconds, forward or backward playback.
    • SHAPE. Morphing between four key shapes of the grain envelope: solid rectangular, snappy decay, smooth bell, or reversed.
    • PITCH. With V/O tracking.


    • Available for each of the four parameters of a grain, sampled each time a grain is started:

    • Direct CV control.

    • CV control of the amount of gaussian randomization.

    • Internal randomization with an independent, uniform or peaky, random source.


    • Control of both the base delay clock rate (DENSITY), and its multiplication (TIME), with optional random taps.

    • Tap tempo with the SEED button or an external signal.

    • Enveloping of delay repeats, with the SHAPE setting.

    • Pitch shifting of the delayed signal, controlled by PITCH.

    Signal flow

    • Feedback path delay: 1 sample.

    • Independent knobs for feedback, dry/wet amount, and reverb amount.

    • CV input assignable to each of these three parameters, or to variable combinations of them.

    • When unpatched, the R output is summed to the L output.

    • Optional generation of a gate signal on the R output.


    • All inputs: 100k impedance.

    • Audio codec: 24kHz, 32kHz or 48kHz, 24-bit.

    • 16-bit CV capture.

    • Processing rate: audio-rate for the SEED and FREEZE inputs, 4kHz for the CV inputs.

    • Latency: 0.25ms.

    • CV input range: +/- 8V for grain parameters, +/- 5V for density (with V/O tracking) and assignable CV.

    • Internal processing: 32-bit floating point.

    Specifications for Beads (Utolsó akciós példány)

    Megvalósított funkciók Effect
    Szélesség (HP-ben) 14
    Eurorack Igen

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